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The cover of the thriller shows the title You Can Never Tell and the author's name Sarah Warburton in front of a suburban nouse at night with ominous shadows

by Sarah Warburton

Perfect for fans of Melanie Golding and Joshilyn Jackson, Sarah Warburton's chilling thriller, inspired by the Moors Murders, explores the twisted side of suburbia.

“A thrilling roller coaster ride through the dark, dangerous underbelly of suburbia. I loved the tension between these picture-perfect housewives and the twisted secrets they keep tucked out of sight.”
—Jody Gehrman, author of The Girls Weekend

by Sarah Warburton

"A breathless energy imbues the strong plot, which alternates between Zoe’s tense family relationships and Ava’s claustrophobic captivity. Warburton delves deep into the psychological underpinnings of her believable characters in this highly entertaining domestic thriller."~Publishers Weekly

The cover of the thriller Once Two Sisters shows the title and the author's name Sarah Warburton over a photo of two women. One in the foreground and the one in the background looking at her with envy.

About Me

Sarah Warburton, a white woman, seated, looks at the camera with a slight smile, her reading glasses in her hand.Novelist Photo by Kristina Rose Photography

I'm a writer, reader, and knitter (not necessarily in that order.) After earning a B. A. in Latin from the College of William and Mary, an M.A. in Classics from the University of Georgia and another from Brown University, I studied at the University of New Mexico with Sharon Oard Warner and Julie Shigekuni, at the Taos Writer’s Workshop with Pam Houston, and in Houston with Justin Cronin. 

I'm the author of the thrillers ONCE TWO SISTERS (10.2020, Crooked Lane Books) and YOU CAN NEVER TELL (8.2021, Crooked Lane Books).

I've been told that for a "basically happy person" I write very bleak prose.

For updates on what I'm reading, knitting, writing, or my dog Daisy, follow me on Instagram or Facebook. 

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Daisy, a hound dog, is curled up on a blanket, but looking up with annoyance at a notebook covered with writing and half-finished knitting.
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