October 17 11am-1pm EST William & Mary Classical Studies Homecoming Panel 

Group panel by Classics majors who pursued a non-classics career. 

October 20 6:30pm-8pm EST "Building a Writing Community"  


Sponsored by Inklings Writers Group, Ms. Warburton will be discussing how to build a writing community, sharing tips on the writing process, and reading excerpts from her exciting new psychological thriller.

Hosted on Central Rappahannock Regional Library's Facebook Live at facebook.com/crrlnews, no Facebook login needed. You’ll be entered into a drawing to win one of three copies of Once Two Sisters!

October 26 8pm EST Crooked Lane Thrillers at Murder by the Book

Join Roz Nay, Jody Gehrman, Kali White, and Sarah Warburton for a chat about twisted psychological thrillers at this Murder by the Book Facebook live event. 

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