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ONCE TWO SISTERS~When her sister goes missing, Zoe assumes it's just another one of her estranged sibling's stunts--but the danger is all too real.

Zoe Hallett and her sister, Ava, are the precocious offspring of two pioneering scientists, but the sisters have been estranged for years. When Zoe reads a news story about Ava's mysterious disappearance, she assumes it's just another of her sister's twisted fictions, designed to blame Zoe and destroy the peaceful life she's created with her husband and beautiful stepdaughter in Houston. But Zoe's email is hacked to send threatening messages to Ava--and a more sinister picture begins to emerge.

 As her sister's life hangs in the balance, Zoe draws on hidden reserves of strength and hope to save the sister she never thought she loved.

"Besides enjoying the juicy premise and the edgy thrills, you’ll feel much more relaxed about your own family reunion.”

~Kirkus Reviews

Also available here on audio

with narration by Wendy Tremont King and Chelsea Stephens

The thriller shows the title Once Two Sisters Novel Thriller by Sarah Warburton against a background photo of two women, one in the foreground, and a dark-haired younger one in the background looking at her with envy.

"Once Two Sisters is a compelling, confident debut and a smartly plotted mystery."

September's Best Mystery and Thriller Reads to Keep You Up

Perfect for fans of Alafair Burke and Megan Collins, Sarah Warburton's debut novel explores the dangerous bond between sisters.

The cover of the thriller shows the title You Can Never Tell and the author's name Sarah Warburton in front of a suburban nouse at night with ominous shadows

August 2021

from Crooked Lane Books

YOU CAN NEVER TELL~Framed for embezzlement by her best friend Aimee, museum curator Kacy Tremain and her husband Michael move from New Jersey to a charming Texas suburb to escape their past. Kacy quickly makes new friends–preppy, inscrutable Elizabeth, chatty yet evasive Rahmia, and red-headed, unapologetic Lena. But good friends aren’t always what they seem.

As she navigates the unexpectedly cutthroat social scene of her new town, Kacy begins to receive taunting postcards–and worse, discovers cameras hidden in the wall of her home. Lena and her husband, Brady, reassure her that the cameras are just relics of the paranoid previous homeowner . Once the cameras are removed and Kacy’s fears are quelled, Kacy and Michael make the happy discovery that they are going to be new parents.

Months after the birth of their daughter, Michael accidentally makes a shocking discovery about Brady’s past. And when Lena suddenly goes missing, Kacy and Michael begin to uncover the truth about their neighbors–and it’s more terrible than anyone could have imagined.

Interlaced with transcripts of a chilling “true crime” podcast that follow the tangled threads of the drama, You Can Never Tell is a taut and complex psychological thriller that never lets up until its breathless conclusion.

“A thrilling roller coaster ride through the dark, dangerous underbelly of suburbia. I loved the tension between these picture-perfect housewives and the twisted secrets they keep tucked out of sight.”
—Jody Gehrman, author of The Girls Weekend

Perfect for fans of Melanie Golding and Joshilyn Jackson, You Can Never Tell, Sarah Warburton’s chilling thriller inspired by the Moors Murders explores the twisted side of suburbia.

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